Carlo Scarpa, Venini Glass Exhibition

Carlo Scarpa, Venini. 1932-1947

Exhibition”Le stanze del vetro”

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia.

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Carlo Scarpa was born in Venice on 2 June 1906. He trained at the Venice Royal Academy of Fine Arts. On graduating in 1926, he began teaching at the Venice College of Architecture. At the same time he took a great interest in the art of glassmaking. In 1926, this led him to collaborate with M.V.M Capellin & C. and then, from 1932 to 1947,  with Venini. After ending his collaboration with Venini in 1947, Scarpa became a full-time architect and worked mainly in the fields of restoration and museum design, creating some of the most significant works in the 20th century Italian architecture, until his death in 1978.

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